Our Sockeye Nigiri

Graphic of Alaska with latitude and longitude of King Salmon.
Bristol Bay Alaska

Sockeye Nigiri

Bamboo Sushi’s Nigiri is prepared with yakumi - minimal and bright toppings to complement the flavor of each fish. Topped with ground sesame and kizami wasabi, our Sockeye Nigiri hails from Alaska’s Bristol Bay, one of the healthiest and most important wild salmon fisheries on earth.

Sockeye nigiri in a dish with a garnish.

Wild, fresh salmon from one of the most significant fisheries on earth.

Iliamna Fish Co crew on a boat in the snow.

Iliamna Fish Co.

Iliamna Fish Company  is a family-owned cooperative that’s been fishing together on the Bering Sea in Bristol Bay, Alaska for four generations. They are devoted to fishing for a simple reason— they love fish. The hard work, the time with family, the salty air, and most importantly, the perfect, delicious beauty of wild, fresh fish. Because they are a fourth-generation fishing family, they are an integral part of a community, an economy, and an environment that they are committed to maintaining.

Iliamna Fish Co crew holding up a large fish and grinning.
Iliamna Fish Co crew with a net full of fish.
Workers holding a net while they stand in the ocean, just off of a beach.
Iliamna Fish Co Female Employee holding up a large fish.