Bamboo Sushi


Making conscious decisions for a sustainable future.

The sushi bar at the Lake Oswego Bamboo Sushi restaurant.
The interior of the Lake Oswego Bamboo Sushi restaurant.
The exterior of the Cedar Hills Bamboo Sushi restaurant.
Tables in front of a wall of photography inside the University Village Bamboo Sushi restaurant.
The exterior of the LoHi Denver Bamboo Sushi restaurant.
Interior of the City Center Bishop Ranch Bamboo Sushi location.
  • “Bamboo Sushi helps continue the conversation about what it means to lower environmental impact in the restaurant industry, while maintaining a high level of quality.”
  • "The Portland sushi chain that could change the business of seafood."
  • “Sustainable Restaurant Group plans to show the world just what 'sustainability at scale' looks like.”
  • "Bamboo Sushi offers the most responsibly sourced fish on the market."
  1. Hoki Poki Box pressed rice sushi roll on a dish.Hoki Poki Box pressed rice sushi roll on a dish.
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  • A school of fish in the ocean.A school of fish in the ocean.

    In 2008, Bamboo Sushi became the world's first certified sustainable sushi restaurant. Learn more on our ongoing commitment...

  • Bamboo Sushi employee preparing sushi.Bamboo Sushi employee preparing sushi.


    Bamboo Sushi is built around the idea of doing things differently and having real impact. To do this successfully, we’re growing a team of passionate people to champion our mission.

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