Our ASC Dutch Yellowtail (Hamachi) Sizzle

Map graphic showing latitude and longitude of ASC Dutch Yellowtail source in the Netherlands
The Netherlands

ASC Dutch Yellowtail (Hamachi) Sizzle

Bamboo Sushi is thrilled to now offer our guests BAP and ASC certified Dutch Yellowtail (Hamachi), sustainably sourced from the Netherlands, and served three ways. From the Signature Sashimi menu, our Dutch Yellow (Hamachi) Sizzle is dressed with hot oil, fresh ginger, garlic, chive, ponzu and a pleasing hit of aleppo pepper. Prefer to keep it simple? Try the Nigiri topped with ponzu and serrano yakumi - minimal and bright toppings to complement the flavor of the fish. Or savor at its purest: clean, flavorful Sashimi served neat.

ASC Dutch Yellowtail

Fresh from the world’s first and only ASC and BAP certified source of Seriola Lalandi.

Kingfish Zeeland HQ with sunset and windmill

Kingfish Zeeland

Based in the Dutch province of Zeeland, Kingfish Zeeland taps into the pristine marine estuary water of the Eastern Scheldt, a Natura 2000 nature reserve, to deliver a healthy, antibiotic-free premium delicacy: the Dutch Yellowtail. A ‘Green Choice’ recommended by the good Fish Foundation, Kingfish Zeeland is the world's first and only ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) and BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) certified source of Seriola Lalandi also known as Yellowtail Kingfish, or Hiramasa.

Two large fish swimming together in clear, shallow water.
School of small fish swimming in clear, shallow water
Grid of solar panels and a windmill beneath a big blue sky with bridge in the distance
Artificial fish breeding pools at Kingfish Zeeland HQ