Our ASC Kanpachi Aguachile

Map graphic showing latitude and longitude of ASC Kanpachi source in Hawaii

ASC Kanpachi Aguachile

From our Signature Sashimi offerings, Bamboo’s ASC certified Kanpachi Aguachile combines the deep, open ocean taste of Keahole Point in Kona, Hawaii with the beautiful flavors and textures of cucumber-cilantro aguachile, pomegranate, serrano, charred orange, olive oil, and sea salt for a gorgeous, Instagram worthy plate everytime.

ASC Kanpachi

Delivering the deep, open ocean taste of Keahole Point in Kona, Hawaii.

Partial underwater view of fish being caught in a Blue Ocean Mariculture net

Blue Ocean Mariculture

In the clear, blue waters near Keahole Point in Kona, Hawaii, Blue Ocean Mariculture responsibly raises indigenous Hawaiian kanpachi, a fish unmatched in quality, extraordinary taste, and versatility. Founded in 2009, Blue Ocean Mariculture has spurred a sea change in the way fish are raised, casting off the limitations of traditional fish farming in pursuit of responsibly producing and delivering the meroir of the Hawaiian Islands. Blue Ocean Mariculture raises kanpachi in their natural environment, the open ocean, at depths and temperatures ideal for their natural biology. Blue Ocean Mariculture’s conscious approach is built to improve the marine environment while responsibly safeguarding “the blue economy” for future generations.

Blue Ocean Mariculture sign in front of their HQ
Underwater close up of a few swimming fish
Underwater view of divers with their full net of fish
Blue Ocean Mariculture employee with green industrial vats