Our MSC Miso Glazed Black Cod

Graphic of Canada with latitude and longitude of MSC Black Cod.
Alaska And Canada

MSC Miso Glazed Black Cod

A longtime Bamboo Small Plate favorite, this dish features wild caught MSC certified Black Cod glazed with orange, ginger, green onion, yuzu miso, and gochugaru oil. Through effective management, sustainable practices, and industry advocacy, the now thriving West Coast Black Cod fishery was brought back from near extinction and achieved MSC certification in 2014.

Miso glazed black cod in dish with yuzu miso sauce and garnishes.

Revitalized from near extinction to a thriving, MSC certified fishery.

A dock and Pacific Seafood fishing boats in a West Coast bay.

Pacific Seafood

Pacific Seafood is committed to sustainable fishing practices that protect wild capture fisheries and ensure stocks long into the future. Seven years ago Positively Groundfish, a dedicated group of industry advocates was formed, and Pacific Seafood joined a partnership of fishers, processors, environmental advocates, academic researchers, and state agencies on a mission to revitalize the West Coast’s Black Cod fishery. Today it’s more abundant than ever. Through effective management, sustainable practices, and industry cooperation, the fishery has evolved from near extinction to thriving and achieving MSC certification in 2014.

Raw Salmon on a wood board with lime and chives.
Black cod on ice.
Raw salmon fillets on a stone slab with rosemary.
Black cod on ice.