Our King Salmon Crudo

Graphic of New Zealand with latitude and longitude of King Salmon.
New Zealand

King Salmon Crudo

From our Signature Sashimi offerings, Bamboo’s King Salmon Crudo is delicately drizzled with white truffle ponzu and topped with sweet cherry tomatoes. Raised slowly in the cold, isolated currents of Stewart Island, New Zealand, our BAP certified King Salmon delivers a rich, smooth flavor and a buttery melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Salmon carpaccio in a dish with a microgreen garnish.

Raised slowly in cold currents for a rich, smooth flavor and melt-in-your mouth finish.

The ocean and wooded shoreline of Big Glory Bay.

Big Glory Bay

At Big Glory Bay, conditions couldn’t be more perfect for raising New Zealand King Salmon (aka Chinook) in glorious isolation. The pure waters of the bay are constantly refreshed by cold currents, keeping the temperature at a chilly 54°F. This means the salmon grow slowly and are harvested at the peak of their condition to deliver a rich, smooth flavor, with a buttery melt-in-the-mouth texture. Big Glory Bay’s “sea to service” farming and processing operations, with less fish per pen than most other salmon farms, meet the rigorous Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification standards. They have also been awarded a green “best choice” rating from Seafood Watch at Monterey Bay Aquarium.

A fishing boat in Big Glory Bay.
Raw salmon fillets on a wood plank.
Calm water and a dock at Big Glory Bay.
A chef deboning salmon with a Honesuki knife.