Summersette Jaime-Ortiz

Assistant Leader, Bamboo Sushi NW

Summersette has spent her entire career providing high quality food and hospitality to her community. At age 16 she started her career working for Safeway and spent the next 5 years learning everything there was to know about the grocery industry. In 2009 she landed her first restaurant job as a food expeditor in an upscale Thai restaurant in California. It was here that she fell in love with asian cuisine and culture, as well as the fast pace of the restaurant industry. She continued to advance through the positions of the front of the house working every day to deepen her understanding of cooperation, guest satisfaction, and culinary appreciation. Summersette first discovered Bamboo Sushi online while researching sustainability and was filled with hope for the direction of the restaurant industry. At that moment, she set her intentions to one day support this innovative company. Her favorite thing to do when she is not at work is share a healthy meal with her family and hang out with her dog NeeNee.