Kristofor Lofgren

Founder & CEO

Kristofor is the founder and CEO of Bamboo Sushi & Bamboo Izakaya. Kristofor is a consummate creator and likes thinking of new ways to disrupt what he views as old and outdated business models. His goal with Bamboo is to create the most innovative and creative restaurant group in America. Bamboo Sushi & Izakaya are the living embodiment of this mission, whereby the environment, people, community, and profits are all accounted for to the highest level, in unison, in a way not seen before in this industry. When Kristofor is not working to foster and grow the culture and people of Team Bamboo, you can probably find him traveling to meet with suppliers, environmental scientists, and policy makers. Kristofor enjoys spending his time outside of work with his wife, family, friends and participating in adventure and adrenaline sports.