Chris Paquette

Culinary Director

Chris has had a love for restaurants and for cooking since as far back as he can remember. Growing up, Chris could not wait to get into the kitchens of great restaurants across America. While most other kids were hanging out after high school playing video games or going to the mall, Chris was busy already working in restaurants. Flash-forward to adulthood, and Chris has only heightened his love and appreciation for cooking. After spending time in some of the best kitchens in the California Bay Area he decided to try his hand in Portland’s blossoming food scene. After working in kitchens across the Rose City, Chris finally found a home at Bamboo Sushi. Since then, he has been consumed with a purpose to make his life at home and at Bamboo Sushi as sustainably responsible and delicious as possible. When Chris isn’t exploring Portland’s eats he is cooking in his own kitchen or exposing his kids to such culinary delights as duck, lamb, and raw fish. Oh and anything “PORK”! When not creating new and amazing dishes at Bamboo Sushi, Chris enjoys playing drums, painting, hanging with his best friend, Alyssa (his wife), or watching his favorite movies with their children…Star Wars 4-6