Eco Projects

Marine Protection

Bamboo Sushi is proud to once again, be a leader in the field. With the partnership of The Nature Conservancy, we have donated $250,000 to create and fund The Berry Islands Marine Preserve in the Bahamas. The preserve has been designated as vital ecosystem by the government of the Bahamas and will be studied in the coming years for its regenerative impacts. The total size of the preserve we helped create is 405,000 acres, or about 2x the size of all of New York city’s five boroughs combined (it’s big). Check out the map to see where it is and if you are ever in the Bahamas, go and check it out…if you take a picture there we would love to see it and have you share your experience with us.

Montevina Vinyards

We are proud to offer this wonderful wine. They harvest their wine from their own, 100% sustainably grown estate grapes in California. After bottling, we get it direct.  For every bottle we sell, Montevina plants us a tree. Check out our tree counter to see what impact has been made.

How We Build

Everything we do and every action we take, we consider our impact on the environment and our communities. That said, we have decided to build our new restaurant using the most sustainable material available. Most exciting to us is our all new LED lighting system, which will shine light and power our 3200 square foot space, using less than the power of one 100watt bulb.


He    probably   won't bite


In partnership with the RJ Dunlop Marine
Conservation program at the University of Miami

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