how we define it & what makes us unique

Ask any person to define “sustainability” and each one will give you a different definition of what sustainability means. Because sustainability is such a broad concept, our approach to sustainability is inclusive and multi-dimensional.

what we serve

All of the fish we serve must come from populations that are plentiful and in good health. Also, the fishermen who catch these sustainable fish must do so in an environmentally ethical manner, thereby not damaging the surrounding ecosystem or other marine creatures. Our meats must come from local ranches (Oregon or Idaho) and be grass fed, hormone free, and free range. We use the highest grade of beef (American Kobe) we can source locally.

how we operate

Simply sourcing sustainable food is great, however, it is only a single dimension of sustainability. To be sustainable, one must also operate in a sustainable manner. As a PGE “Green Source Business”, we proudly purchase 100% of our power from renewable energy sources. In addition, we have reusable, sustainably harvested teak wood chopsticks, double-flush low flow toilets, as well as energy efficient hand dryers. We use fully biodegradable to-go containers and all of our paper products are 100% recycled and minimum 40-80% post consumer content. We drastically reduce our production of waste by composting all allowable food items and having a comprehensive recycling program.

how we act

At Bamboo Sushi, we feel that our commitment to treating our employees well and our conscious development of a positive and supportive work culture, foster a palpable environment of hospitality and warmth. As well, our dedication to community service reflects our fundamental belief that we have a responsibility as a small business to serve as a leader in the community and to bring about positive change. We believe it is important to not only be good stewards of the earth, but also to act as stewards of our community, treating one another other with respect and dignity.

It is with this holistic framework that we guide ourselves; adding up to a business model that has longevity, ensuring true sustainability.