go above and beyond, for our guests…
and each other

Through Hospitality & Service we strive each and every day to create what we like to call a WOW experience for each and every guest of Bamboo Sushi. We are here to serve others, so go ahead, be creative and make someone’s day special…it feels amazing! That said, creating that WOW experience and going Above & Beyond starts with how we treat each other inside Bamboo Sushi, so feel free to be amazing to your fellow team mate…I know it will be appreciated.

sharing and empowerment

Keep an open mind. Always be learning. We learn because others share…so always be sharing too. Listen, share, educate, and collaborate, with each other, and our guests. We are here to empower each person we meet to help change the world with us…and nothing empowers people like knowledge…so go ahead, don’t be shy, share your knowledge, ask questions, be curious, and let others in on the discussion. It’s always more fun to build community.


Each day we do better than the day before. It is a conscious and purposeful decision. Any and Everything Can Be Done Better. A bamboo sushi team member knows this and always strives to best their own work each and every time. We don’t settle for anything less than excellence in every group in the company, and we have the self-honesty to admit when we’re wrong and the courage to change.

create success for others

The most successful people are those that know how to make other people around them shine. So go ahead, embrace setting up each person around you for success. Not only will this lead to a lot of WOW, but also, you in turn will become very successful…because as goes the Team, so goes the individuals. So set people up for success, you’ll thank yourself you did.

be adaptable

Adaptability is the most important trait for the survival of a species…so why wouldn’t it be an important trait for a restaurant, or a sushi chef, or a server? Being adaptable allows for creativity, open mindedness, and the ability to thrive! Therefore, keep your mind open and always ready and excited to take on the “new”.

be proactive

Look down the path ahead of you and see what is coming. It is always better to be proactive than reactive. Take the lead and look ahead. Figure out how to set a trend or create something first. For our guests, we must always anticipate their needs. As a company, we are looking ahead to stay ahead. We live in the now, but build and plan for the future, so that we are always prepared. Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail. Be focused, listen, learn, act.


If you don’t like to have fun…we’re sorry to hear that and ask that you leave out the back door quietly so as not to disturb the others having fun. That said, if you do like to be yourself and relish the opportunity to have endorphins rush through your body, then read on. Simply put, all we ask that you bring your awesome, positive, and fun attitude to each day, each guest, and each moment. We know not everything is fun…but so much of life is what you choose to make of it…and we choose to have a blast…so join us. As well, if you want to be practical about it to have the best opportunity for success, one must enjoy what it is they are doing. Therefore, having fun is a crucial part of being successful, as an individual, and as a company. Fun is different for each person, so find yours and own it.