flights – the best way to enjoy seafood

We believe that the best way to fully enjoy a particular species of fish is through what we call a “fish flight”. Some of our most popular fish flights are salmon (summer), tuna (spring), crab (winter), sea urchin (winter), and mackerel (late spring/early summer, and fall). Depending on availability, we will offer between 3 and 5 varieties of the same species for our guests to try. This unique Bamboo Sushi signature experience not only allows for guests to taste the subtle or often dramatic differences between multiple fish of the same species, but also to take advantage of the freshest product available.

understanding fish – seasonality

Fish, much like produce, is seasonal. There are different times of year when eating a particular fish is better than another. This is because fish migrate, spawn and often swim in many different bodies of water in a given year. All of these factors affect the taste, availability, size, color, and price of a particular fish. At Bamboo Sushi, we showcase different fish according to their season, thereby giving our customers the best fish, at their height of freshness.

high quality fish – what to look for

1. Overall Appearance. Physical characteristics of good health include bright colors and shiny vibrant scales. Do not go for fish that look dull or pale. Before you buy a particular variety, it is important to know what that fish looks like in normal conditions. Dark or patchy coloration may be an indicator of stress or it may be a sign of health.

2. Condition. Individual parts of the fish need to be closely examined. The eyes should not be bulging and or clouded. The fins, especially the dorsal fins, should be erect and spread well. The gills should be a nice pink. Fins should not appear ragged or torn, and they should definitely not be clamped close to the body of the fish. Flat and smooth scales, well-rounded stomachs and a well-proportioned body are all indications of a strong and healthy fish.

3. Sourcing. Choose a reputable store from which to buy your fish. Often, stores that value sustainability will carry higher quality fish. The people working there truly care about quality and will be honest in assisting you with the best selection available.

sushi etiquette

At Bamboo Sushi, we believe it is important for each person to eat what and how he or she wishes to. However, if you are so inclined, here are some traditional etiquette methods for enjoying sushi.

1. Eat your fish from least oil content to most (e.g. mackerel first, salmon belly last). This is so that you don’t coat your palate with oil from the beginning of the meal, thereby limiting your ability to taste very delicate flavors.

2. Don’t cross your chopsticks when you set them down.

3. Use your hands when eating nigiri. It was originally street food and often consumed with the hands. Eating nigiri with the hands is totally acceptable.

4. Eat your nigiri in one bite. You should not take more than one bite, two at most.

5. Rather than soaking your fish in soy sauce, delicately dip your fish. When eating nigiri, you dip fish side down into the soy sauce, not the rice.

6. Do not put an excessive amount of soy sauce in your ramekin. It is thought best to use all of the soy sauce you pour, therefore, only pour as much as you will need. You are always welcome to re-pour more soy sauce.

7. Limit the amount of wasabi you put in your soy sauce. Too much wasabi does not allow for the full flavor of delicate fish to come out. The same is true of the ginger, which is used to cleanse the palate. Do not put it into your soy sauce or eat more than one thin piece in between each bite.