mission statement

Welcome to Bamboo Sushi, the first certified sustainable sushi restaurant in the world. We are dedicated to bringing you the freshest fish, meats, and produce with the greatest consciousness to marine stewardship, sustainability, and the environment.

what’s in a name?

Today, the bamboo plant is best known for its incredible ver- satility and sustainability. From its ability to be spun into antimicrobial cloth fibers, to food, to flooring, bamboo is a renewable resource that is highly durable and requires little environmental impact to grow. In Asian culture, bamboo symbolizes many things: optimism, friendship, longevity, strength, straightforwardness, and adaptability. Because our goal is to operate with the highest level of sustainability and marine stewardship, we felt it proper to pay tribute to the symbolism of fundamental sustainability.

the problem

Increased demand for popular seafood is depleting fish stocks around the world and harming the health of our oceans. With nearly 76% of the world’s fish populations over-fished or fully fished out, scientists are concerned that the oceans simply cannot keep up with the growing demand. Other environmental concerns are also taking a toll on our oceans and marine life, such as “bycatch”, which is the unintended catch of sea turtles, sea birds, marine mammals and countless other types of sea life that get wasted in the process of catching fish.

our goal

With 67% of seafood in the United States being consumed in restaurants, we believe it is imperative to create a restaurant where people can get the freshest and best fish possible, while simultaneously helping to save the oceans and marine life.

our partnerships

What sets Bamboo Sushi apart and helps us in accomplishing our goals is first, our individual and collective commitment to sustainability, and second, our partnerships with some of the largest and most respected organizations in marine stewardship and oceanic sustainability in the United States. We have partnered with these organizations for the purpose of raising awareness for marine stewardship and sustainability. They constantly provide us cutting edge research about marine stewardship, which we then pass along to our customers. Currently, we are partnered with: Marine Stewardship Council, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Blue Ocean Institute, Salmon Nation, KidSafe Seafood, and the Green Restaurant Association.

our pledge

Using the guidelines established by Monterey Bay Aquarium and Blue Ocean Institute, we will never serve seafood that is on their “avoid” lists. Because we are the first restaurant in America certified as “chain of custody” by the Marine Stewardship Council, we will always serve as much MSC product as is available. Our MSC product represents exclusively “best choices” selections.

beyond seafood

While marine stewardship and sustainability are our primary focus, we realize that sustainability, by definition, is multi-faceted. Therefore we have taken steps to be sustainable with our non-marine menu items and our daily operations as well. We purvey most of our produce and meats from local, organic, and sustainable farms. As an operation, Bamboo Sushi is also the first sushi restaurant in the United States to be a “Certified Green Restaurant” by the Green Restaurant Association. This means that how we operate – from the power we buy, to the amount of water we use, to our 100% biodegradable to-go containers and compost program – is monitored and checked, ensuring that our operations have a light footprint as well.


While it is our mission to be on the cutting edge of marine stewardship and sustainability, helping to show that sustainability and business can coexists, it is not as difficult of a task to partake in for an individual as one might think. Simply by having a meal at Bamboo Sushi, you as a consumer are already doing your part. We sincerely appreciate you reading, and look forward hosting you in the restaurant.