Kristofor Lofgren – CEO & Founder

Kristofor is the founder and CEO of Bamboo Sushi. Kristofor is a consummate creator and likes thinking of new ways to disrupt what he views as old and outdated business models. His goal with Bamboo Sushi is to create the most innovative and creative restaurant group in America. Bamboo Sushi is the living embodiment of this mission, whereby the environment, people, community, and profits are all accounted for to the highest level, in unison, in a way not seen before in this industry.  When Kristofor is not working to foster and grow the culture and people of Team Bamboo, you can probably find him traveling to meet with suppliers, environmental scientists, and policy makers. Kristofor enjoys spending his time outside of work with his wife, family, friends and participating in adventure and adrenaline sports.

Brandon Hill – Director of Operations

Brandon has participated in almost every role in the restaurant industry. Starting at age 15 as a chef, Brandon quickly fell in love with food and service. After moving to Seattle from Denver to learn with new culinary talents, Brandon decided to give sushi a try. Almost 10 years later, Brandon was the executive sushi chef at Bamboo Sushi when it opened its doors in 2008. After many years in the kitchens of great restaurants, Brandon decided he wanted a new challenge, and become the general manager of Bamboo Sushi. Now, Brandon is taking on a new role as Director of Operations. Brandon is the captain of Team Bamboo, making sure all products, supply chains, people, and cultural values are working to their best, and highest level. When Brandon is not challenging himself in new roles, he likes spending time with his friends, camping, and having a great glass of scotch.

Chris Pacquette – Chef de Cuisine

Chris has had a love for restaurants and for cooking since as far back as he can remember. Growing up, Chris could not wait to get into the kitchens of great restaurants across America. While most other kids were hanging out after high school playing video games or going to the mall, Chris was busy already working in restaurants. Flash-forward to adulthood and Chris has only heightened his love and appreciation for cooking. After spending time in some of the best kitchens in the California Bay Area he decided to go try his hand in Portland’s blossoming food scene. After working in kitchens across the rose city, Chris finally found a home at Bamboo Sushi. Since then, he has been consumed with a purpose to make his life at home and at Bamboo Sushi as sustainably responsible and delicious as possible. When Chris isn’t exploring Portland’s eats he is cooking in his own kitchen or exposing his kids to such culinary delights as duck, lamb, and raw fish. Oh and anything “PORK”! When not creating new and amazing dishes at Bamboo Sushi, Chris enjoys playing drums, painting, hanging with his best friend Alyssa (his wife) or watching his favorite movies with their children…Star Wars 4-6.

Adi Somadi – Sushi Chef de Cuisine

Adi is the Sushi Chef de Cuisine at the SE Bamboo Sushi. Each day, Adi focuses on creating the best experience for his guests and his Team by fostering the sacred relationship between his sushi chefs and guests through an unforgettable dining experience. He has been making sushi for over 16 years, studying and learning through hands-on training and personal experience at many restaurants in the greater Portland area. At Bamboo Sushi, he values the personal challenge of creating new, beautiful, sustainable, and intricate specials for each and every evening, while also encouraging his emerging sushi chefs through personal inspiration and positive reinforcement. When Adi is not working, he enjoys quality family time, eating out at new restaurants in his goal to continue building his knowledge of all restaurant styles….oh yeah, and playing with his puppy.

Jin Soo Yang – Executive Kitchen Chef

Having been in the industry for over half of his life, the culinary world is a true passion for Jin. The main thing he enjoys about being a chef is providing a learning environment for his team, as well as for himself. Jin has found a home at Bamboo, as he puts it, “being surrounded by such great people” everyday has created his ideal working environment. Forever learning, growing professionally, as well as personally, has strengthened Jin’s passion for his career choice. ‘Organized Chaos’ in professional kitchens is something Jin thrives on, as well as giving his guests a ‘Wow’ experience, not simply just food to eat. When he isn’t working, Jin likes to eat out at other restaurants, researching new techniques, dishes or things we can improve on what we already do. He also loves to snowboard, mountain bike, and fish, – pretty much anything that has to do with nature and being in the outdoors.

Chris Jones – Bar Manager

Christopher Jones is a twenty-two year veteran of the service industry. He has worked in most aspects of the business. From Dishwasher to General Manager he brings his creativity, cultivated at The Oregon College of Art and Craft and, his work ethic instilled by his dynamic and loving parents Zandy and Roy. He works every day with two core values: work for your guest and work for your teammates. When not creating killer cocktails behind the bar, you can find Chris outside. He is also a great golfer.

Clint Bohling – Chef de Cuisine

Clint’s obsession with food started at an early age, tasting anything and everything he could get his hands on. He traveled abroad extensively through his 20′s, which opened his eyes to a whole new world of culture and cuisine. Coming up in the kitchens of Chicago hardened him for the competitive kitchens of the Northwest.  Working mostly in euro-centric kitchens until now, he has set a new and exciting culinary goal for himself by coming to the Japanese and Asian-focused kitchen at Bamboo Sushi. On the rare occasions he gets out of the kitchen, Clint enjoys spending time snowboarding, foraging and fishing or just relaxing with a glass of rye and a good book.


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